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The World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR) is organized every three years under the authority of a permanent body, the WCTR Society.  It brings together managers, policy analysts, advisers, operators and academics, all with a common interest in promoting state of the art and state of the practice in all areas of transport research.The next conference (14th WCTR) will be held in Shanghaï, China in 2016.


The last conferences are:

 13th WCTR : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2013

12th WCTR : Lisboa, Portugal, 2010

11th WCTR : Berkeley, USA, 2007

10th WCTR : Istanbul, Turkey, 2004

9th WCTR : Seoul, Korea, 2001 (To purchase the proceedings)

8th WCTR : Antwerp, Belgium, 1998 (To purchase the proceedings)

7th WCTR : Sydney, Australia, 1995

6th WCTR : Lyon, France, 1992 (To purchase the proceedings)

5th WCTR : Yokohama, Japan, 1989

4th WCTR : Vancouver, Canada, 1986

3rd WCTR : Hamburg, Germany, 1983

2nd WCTR : London, England, 1980

1st WCTR : Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1977

Pre-WCTR conference : Bruges, Belgium, 1973